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Listing your property on our commission free listing websites will save you a lot, enter your average weekly rental fee below to see how much you could save.

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A Listing With Us
Cost Per Booking: £
Total Annual Cost: £195.00
Cost Per Booking: £
Total Annual Cost: £
Extra Cost: £ per year
Cost Per Booking: £
Total Annual Cost: £
Extra Cost: £ per year
Cost Per Booking: £
Total Annual Cost: £
Extra Cost: £ per year

Based on an average booking value of £ with bookings per year you will save between £ and £ each year by choosing to list with us.

Calculator Assumptions:

  • Both guest and host fees are included in the calculations
  • Airbnb calculation is 3% host fees and 14% guest fees
  • VRBO calculation is 8% host fees (inc. 3% card processing fee) and 6% guest fees
  • calculation is 15% host fees with no guest fees

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we offer our listings so much cheaper?

We are a very small and efficient company. We have never taken external investment and don't have investors looking for never ending profit growth.

Due to our efficient use of new technology we do not need or employ large teams of developers, sales people, or management either so our costs are a lot less than they could be.

Why do we include guest fees in the savings calculator?

Guest fees imposed by Airbnb and VRBO are just an effort to make them look less greedy. They are essentially the same as the host fee, a tax on your income. If a guest is willing to pay it then it is all money that should belong to you the home owner.

How many bookings will I get when listing with you?

That's very difficult to answer because securing a booking involves a lot more than us just getting you views on your advert. Pictures, location, property size, pricing, and your guest policies all factor into the equation.

What we have tried to do is price our service so that for the vast majority of advertisers just 1 booking per year through us would save you more than the annual fee.

Will our listing fee ever increase?

Most likely yes, our annual listing fee will probably increase at some point however our Price Promise Policy means that your annual listing fee will never increase for as long as you keep listing with us!

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