About Owners HQ

We have one goal, helping holiday home owners keep more of their rental income.

To do this we use a mix of modern technology and an efficient business model that allows us to massively reduce costs for holiday home owners like you.

Who Are We?

Darren Atkinson

Darren Atkinson

We are an ultra-small, ultra-focussed, and independent team led by myself, Darren Atkinson.

My background is in technology and Internet marketing and I built and have operated a successful ecommerce business for the last 15 years.

I've also been involved in the holiday rental business since 2009.

At Owners HQ we don't have investors demanding unrealistic returns, we are fully self funded which allows us to run a profitable business without needing to take an ever-increasing slice of your rental income.

Our team may be small but we are efficient, we use the latest technology to reduce the cost of developing and supplying money and time saving solutions to holiday home owners.

Learn more about our backstory here.

Listing Websites

The first way we can help holiday home owners save money is with our listing websites.

Owners looking to rent out their property need guests, listing websites like Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.com can supply the required enquiries and bookings.

The issue with these big listing sites is that they demand a large slice of your rental income in exchange for these bookings.

Many home owners have become over reliant on them for bookings whilst also being frustrated at having to hand over 15% - 20% of their income for them.

Our Solution: We have our own listing websites, these have been running for over 14 years and receive thousands of views each month. Collectively they have driven thousands of bookings for holiday home owners.

Instead of claiming a percentage of your income we simply charge a low annual fee, no commissions, no guest fees, and no nasty surprises.

Learn more about our listing websites here.

The Future

Our listing websites genuinely save our customers thousands of pounds per year, but they are just the start.

Over the longer term I believe holiday home owners need to become more independent and take greater control over their properties and guests if they want to survive and thrive.

Our focus is on building the tools that will enable this.